The MDU offers much more than just indemnity, with a large part of the benefits of membership being the range of educational and learning resources available.

As well as hosting courses and seminars around the country on a wide range of topics, we also offer plenty of digital options to help you learn and develop throughout your career. Expanding on this in 2018, we've added an e-learning tool aimed specifically at GPSTs that teaches you how to address the ethical and legal issues that can arise in general practice.

Ethics in general practice

'Ethics in general practice' is designed to give GPSTs evidence to add to their e-portfolios by answering reflective questions, taking assessments on each section and collecting a final certificate from completing the whole course.

Ethics learning is a requirement for GPSTs' portfolios, but it can often be difficult to evidence in practice. The MDU's e-learning resource specifically addresses this, giving GPSTs an opportunity to prove they have gained valuable insight into this important area of general practice.

The resource has three parts, with each focusing on a different area and applied to the example of a particular patient. By working through their cases, you'll confront and deal with the various legal and ethical aspects of individual situations, testing your knowledge along the way.

Part 1

Ethics in general practice

Discover how to use the CoRE-VALUES compass and framework to help you discuss and assess complex ethical situations.

Consent in general practice

Look at the ethical, professional and legal basis for consent and refusal of treatment.

Part 2

Confidentiality in general practice

Learn about the importance of keeping patient information confidential, the implications of breaching confidentiality, how to minimise risk of a breach, and when it might be justified.

Ensuring patient safety and quality of care

Uncover ways that you can improve patient safety, both personally and as a practice. You'll also learn how to manage complaints and what to do when things go wrong.

Ethics learning is a requirement for GPST's portfolios, but can often be difficult to evidence in practice. The MDU's e-learning resource specifically addresses this...

Part 3:

End of life care

Understand why good communication is essential to end of life care, particularly around planning, sharing information and managing refusal of treatment.


Assess your awareness and understanding of some of the ethical dilemmas you might face in general practice and get a certificate of completion for your portfolio.

The first part is free to access for all users after a short and simple registration. For the rest of the course, you need to be a member and log in to the MDU website with your normal details.

If you're a GP trainer and would like access to this course, you can email us and we can set this up for you - even if you're not an MDU member.

Access Ethics in general practice on the MDU website.

This article was correct at publication on 15/08/2018. It is intended as general guidance for members only. If you are a member and need specific advice relating to your own circumstances, please contact one of our advisers.