Patients behaving badly

Patients who demonstrate challenging behaviours towards healthcare or administrative staff may respond well to an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement.

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Perceptions of risk

Although it is impossible to entirely eliminate risk from medical practice, the MDU provides a model of defence supported by expert evidence. This model provides the greatest benefits for members

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Breathing lessons

Asthma care has been under the spotlight since the publication of an RCP report last year. Dr Beverley Ward explains how its disturbing findings present opportunities to improve asthma services.

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Closing down a private practice - your responsibilities 

Patients and their records are your main priorities, and form part of the medico-legal considerations involved with practice closure

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Closing your practice - staff management considerations

When you decide to wind down your practice, there are two possible routes - you close it completely, or you sell the practice on. Either way, there are obligations on you to ensure that you manage it correctly in the eyes of the law, particularly in respect of your employees.

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Behind the scenes of a clinical negligence claim

The factors that can affect the outcome of a clinical negligence claim might surprise you.

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Courts take harder line on timetables

Expert witnesses are warned to think carefully before taking on medico-legal work.

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Telephone discussions with colleagues - can technology help?

There are innovative ways of eliminating error and misunderstanding from GP-consultant telephone consultations

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If being ill has taught me anything about being a doctor, it is the importance of seeing a patient as a person and not just a condition.

Dr Kate Granger, founder of #hellomynameis


Hello, my name is...Kate

Good communication with patients is the first step to compassionate care. Dr Kate Granger explains the origins of her social media campaign to make a difference for both healthcare professionals and patients.

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Training for HCAs

Training standards for Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) are now mandatory for all new starters.

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New Approved Practice Settings (APS) rules 

Changes to the APS scheme in June 2014 now allow doctors more flexibility to practise in different settings (as a locum or volunteer medic, for example) provided you maintain your connection to your designated body

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Patient edits referral letter

A patient attempted to edit her referral letter to her GP

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Advice line dilemmas

A selection of calls to our advisory helpline

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Telephone triage - 3 strike rule

This sad case concerns a young boy who died of acute bilateral streptococcal pneumonia and necrotising tonsillitis.

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Septal reconstruction and caudal replacement

The MDU successfully rebutted a claim against an ENT consultant member following surgery to correct a deviated nasal septum

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Spindle cell carcinoma

A claim was received by a GP member of the MDU alleging negligent failure to refer a patient to hospital urgently following x-ray results

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Intrauterine contraceptive device

A young student agreed to the fitting of an IUCD. Three days later she returned complaining of pain and vaginal bleeding

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