Health and wellbeing online learning for junior doctors

Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after patients, especially when you’re starting out in medicine.

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Seedlings growing in soil

Restoring a sense of belonging

We need to work together to create a supportive community in which doctors can thrive and flourish, says Dr Christine Tomkins.

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Illustration of COVID-19 virus

NEW: COVID-19 resources from the MDU

Guidance and advice to support you throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

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Risk management of mesalazine induced renal failure

The MDU has noticed an increase in notification of claims related to renal impairment alleged to be secondary to mesalazine prescribed for inflammatory bowel disease.

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This is not a question of men versus women, but making sure that medicine is a sufficiently rewarding and flexible career for everyone. It's about how we succeed as a profession.


When women in medicine succeed, everyone does

The first and only woman to lead a medical defence organisation, Dr Christine Tomkins has combined a high-flying career with family life. She explains why everyone gains when women have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Medic using a smartphone

How our love of smartphones may transform communication in hospitals

Dr Ellie Mein looks at how mobile technology is changing the way we learn, deliver healthcare, manage time and monitor patients.

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Indextra app

Introducing indextra

The MDU has paired with indextra to offer members discounted access to a vast medical library at your fingertips.

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Statutory duty of candour: avoiding fines

It may not be the main reason to reflect on your organisational duty of candour, but the fact that we are starting to see fines issued for breaches might be an incentive to do so.

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Alleged failure to review 'out of date' medication

The MDU supported a GP member with an allegation of failing to review a medication's expiry date.

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Doctors standing side by side

RMBF President's Appeal

We're pleased to support the RMBF President's Appeal for 2020.

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