Asking about alternatives

If patients have questions about alternatives to NHS treatment, would you be able to provide the right answers for them – and for yourself?

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Playing the blame game in medical practice

A blame culture is corrosive and counterproductive to the work of medical professionals.

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DNACPR orders – advice and obligations

Examining the different medico-legal aspects of Do Not Attempt Resuscitation orders.

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Cosmetic guidance updated

The GMC has recently updated its guidance relating to cosmetic interventions - here's what you need to know.

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Alleged delay of diagnosis

A GP faced a claim after an alleged delay in diagnosing colorectal carcinoma.

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In rare instances a medico-legal issue starting as 'just' a complaint might end up involving a coroner's inquest, a GMC inquiry or even a police investigation.

In focus

How may we help you?

Doctors whose work is trust indemnified might still need the MDU's support if something goes wrong. Dr Christine Walker explains how we can help.

Document fraud from patients

What would you do if a patient faked your signature on an official document?

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Never say never

Dr Michael Devlin revisits the concept of so-called 'never events', and questions whether they are helping or hindering our perceptions of care.

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Have your say - consultation on updating the LRMP

The GMC is asking doctors to have their say on what additional information should be included in the online medical register.

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Prescription errors

Claire Wratten looks at MDU data on claims relating to prescribing errors and asks what doctors can do to minimise the risks.

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Extent of responsibility in DVLA assessment

The MDU defended a GP after an alleged failure to advise and refer a patient during a DVLA assessment.

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