Reflection for revalidation

Reflection is an important aspect of self-appraisal and audit. Take the time to get yours right.

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Rates and reforms

The burning issue of spiralling inflation in clinical negligence compensation payments can only be tackled by long-term solutions.

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Advice on apologies from the NHSLA

Openness, transparency and candour - NHSLA chief executive Helen Vernon provides some clarity on apologising to patients.

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Analysis of cauda equina syndrome claims

Examining the facts and figures of cauda equina syndrome from the MDU's files.

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We are expected to deal with anything from a cardiac arrest to a broken leg or just a cut eyebrow...


Sports medicine and indemnity

MDU member Dr Ralph Mitchell holds a coveted position at Wasps RFC. Here he explains a typical day in his role and his path to becoming a sports doctor.

Updated confidentiality guidance from the GMC

The new guidance includes advice on assessing fitness to drive, among other changes and revisions.

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Confidentiality and a serious crime

A GP was put on the spot when asked for a patient's medical history.

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Legal instruction at inquests

Beth Durrell-Potter and Lynne Burgess discuss the pros and cons of having legal representation at coroners' inquests.

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The receiving end - a doctor's insight

A prolonged period of illness gave MDU member Dr Nia Wyn Davies the opportunity to examine the doctor-patient relationship from a different angle.

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Online CPD for primary care from the MDU and MIMS learning

GPs and other primary healthcare workers can earn CPD credits online with a new course from the MDU.

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