Avoiding unwanted attention from patients

When the boundaries of the doctor-patient relationship are breached, it's important to know how to respond.

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Houses of Parliament

Impact at every level

The GMC's report on the state of medical education and practice offers some positives, but there is still much work to be done.

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Locks on computer screen

Closed groups online - a false sense of security?

'Doctors-only' online forums can be useful tools, but irresponsible posts can lead to troubleā€¦

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Graphic of faces turned away

How to engage with patients

For whatever reason, there are situations where a patient doesn't engage with their treatment. Here we consider a typical scenario in order to answer some common questions.

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Games pieces divided

HRFace2Face - mediation and resolution for employment issues

Getting professional help can give practice managers peace of mind when dealing with employment issues.

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The real world is not always as accommodating as we might like...

In focus

Retrospective records

Keeping accurate contemporaneous records is a key aspect of good record keeping, but what do you do when it's just not possible?

Bucket of needles

Infection control in primary care

Ed Farnan answers some common questions from GPs on infection control.

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Meningitis virus close-up

Analysis of meningitis claims

The MDU claims team take a look at recent cases involving meningitis.

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Graphic of gauge in brain

Practical considerations when assessing capacity

Assessing capacity can be a complicated process, and knowing what to do isn't the same as knowing how to do it.

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People in the form of a handshake

The MDU - our impact and influence

Discover how the MDU is shaping policy and inspiring change in the medico-legal climate.

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Child getting injection

Parental responsibility dispute

A young patient's father refused to consent to his daughter's vaccination.

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RMBF launches Vital Signs guide for primary care

New advice and support for GPs and trainees highlights common stress triggers and encourages those affected to seek help.

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