Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after patients, especially when you’re starting out in medicine.

For anyone entering the medical profession, it won't be a surprise to find that it's a high-pressured career that places high demands on your time, resources and stamina.

Learning to manage these pressures and demands are part of learning how to be a doctor, but it isn't always straightforward and the balance can sometimes tip in the wrong direction. Tiredness, stress, anxiety and burnout can build up if left unchecked, and none of these are conducive to your own physical and mental health - or to your ability to deliver safe care to patients.

That's why we've developed a new e-learning module on health and wellbeing, aimed specifically at junior doctors. Written by MDU advisers with the assistance of key experts, the course will help you link your existing knowledge with your own wellbeing, and give you the confidence to take the first steps in ensuring your colleagues' wellbeing too.

This course is made up of five modules. The first considers your own wellbeing and potential barriers to seeking help, while the second module is focused on difficult situations. The third looks in detail at anxiety (including a practical 'anti-anxiety toolkit' resource) and the fourth considers how depression and burnout may present in doctors. The final module is a short multiple choice assessment.

Health and wellbeing for foundation doctors: start the course now.

Click the video below to watch Dr Jo Bowen discuss anxiety management - part of our health and wellbeing e-learning course for junior doctors.

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