Cognitive bias and diagnosis heuristics

When you hear hoofbeats, do you think horses or zebras? How identifying and allowing for bias in your clinical practice can help anticipate medico-legal issues.

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Cartoon woman fighting downwards arrow

Disappointments over the discount rate

The government must keep its promise to protect doctors from the impact of the discount rate cut, says MDU chief executive Dr Christine Tomkins.

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Hands on the bible

Acting as a witness for a colleague

It's understandably worrying to receive a letter from the GMC, but it might not be you who's facing a disciplinary investigation.

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Culinary medicine

The team behind Culinary Medicine UK discuss the concept of culinary medicine and how it can expand the conversations healthcare professionals have with patients about food and nutrition.

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One of the most important qualities for an intensive care doctor is to be able to work collaboratively with a range of professions.


Mission critical: interview with Dr Ganesh Suntharalingam

Intensive Care Society president Dr Ganesh Suntharalingam explains why his specialty has an increasingly important role in supporting patient care throughout the hospital.

Person opening letter

A right to view a reference?

A specialty doctor had a job offer at another hospital withdrawn, and spoke to the MDU's advice line to ask if she had a right to see the reference written about her by a colleague.

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Management of a sports injury

A patient made a claim against an MDU orthopaedic surgeon after they suffered complications following operations to treat their acromioclavicular joint dislocation.

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Working under pressure

What should doctors do when faced with the prospect of working in unsafe systems?

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Patients recording consultations

Don't jump to conclusions if a patient asks to record their consultation – it could benefit you both.

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New and improved GROUPCARE

GROUPCARE membership offers benefits and savings to eligible GP practices UK-wide - and it's now even better.

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Warning letters to patients: a practical guide

Issuing a formal warning to patients about their behaviour isn't a step most doctors take lightly – but if you ever have to, here's what you should know.

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