Working safely on night shifts

A better understanding of sleep can help doctors cope better with working nights and ultimately benefit patients too, says Dr Michael Farquhar.

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Passing our expertise on to you

The MDU is proud to have been recognised for its staff's medico-legal training, but the real prize is knowing that members reap the benefits.

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Fatal Accident Inquiries in Scotland: an update

Laura Donald, partner at BTO solicitors, says that changes to the rules concerning FAIs in Scotland are welcome and explains their significance to clinicians.

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DVLA guidance on fitness to drive: scenarios and solutions

The DVLA's Dr Wyn Parry talks through some scenarios involving newly updated fitness to drive guidelines.

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We want all doctors to know the facts about fitness to practise rather than the rumours.


GMC fitness to practise procedures: interview with Anna Rowland

The GMC's Anna Rowland explains what is being done to reduce the stress of its fitness to practise procedures and increase the support for vulnerable doctors.

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Safety netting of DNAs

Ellie Mein explains how not to miss something yourself when tackling the issue of missed appointments.

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Write for us!

This is your journal, so why not write about the issues that matter to you?

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Introducing the Private Healthcare Information Network: Q&A with Dr Vaibhav Joshi

Information about independent practitioners will soon be made available via PHIN; the Private Healthcare Information Network.

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Risk management: top issues and advice, part two

Following on from last issue's article, we round up some more top risk management advice from the MDU's expert medico-legal team.

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