Learning lessons from complaints and claims about suicide

It's vital that lessons are learned from cases where a patient has taken their own life in order to improve suicide prevention, as Dr Beverley Ward explains.

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Alarm clocks

The ticking clock of clinical negligence reform

The new government must reform the outdated clinical negligence system, before it's too late.

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Teenager and adult

Treating adolescents

An example case from an MDU member highlights some key medico-legal issues for doctors treating adolescents.

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Visionary ideas: the Arclight and RCP bedside vision check tool

The MDU is proud to help open members' eyes to two new tools that help quickly and easily assess patients' vision.

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Consent should be a collaborative process...

In focus

Anaesthesia and consent: interpreting and applying new guidelines

Jo Nixon looks over the latest guidance on consent from the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland.

Building a wall

Remediation: insight and improvement

Jerard Ross explains how remediation can help you improve and rebuild your practice after something has gone wrong.

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Blood bag close-up

Patient consent: an anaesthetist's dilemma

An anaesthetist was unsure how to proceed after clashing with a colleague over patient consent to receive blood products.

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MDU to co-host PIAA international medical indemnity conference

The MDU is proud to co-host the PIAA's international medical indemnity conference in central London this October. Our chief executive Dr Christine Tomkins has the details.

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Surgeons as second victims

Consultant urological surgeon Kevin Turner talks about the particular stresses faced by surgeons when something goes wrong with a patient's care.

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Runner in starting position

Ruptured Achilles tendon

A patient developed a pre-Achilles tendon bursitis and was referred for a steroid injection.

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