Doctors are under more pressure than ever before, and many find themselves in distressing medico-legal or financial situations. The MDU and the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund can help, as Dr Christine Tomkins and Professor Parveen Kumar discuss in this short video.

RMBF President's Appeal

The RMBF is entirely dependent on donations from doctors and their families. In the past three years, MDU members have generously donated nearly £11,000 to the annual President's Appeal - money which has gone towards helping fellow doctors who are in great need.

With rising numbers of doctors asking for assistance, the RMBF's work has never been more important. To donate to this year's President's Appeal, please visit the RMBF's President's Appeal page [link expired] or call 020 8540 9194 and speak to a member of the RMBF team.

Thank you.

There has rarely been a time when doctors have experienced such intense pressure in their working lives. In the last five years, the MDU has seen a 16% rise in complaints to the GMC, and a huge increase in clinical negligence claims and disciplinary procedures. The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF) helps hundreds of doctors each year who find themselves in difficulties, often through no fault of their own.

Misfortune can strike any doctor at any time and both the MDU and RMBF are here to help. MDU members can request our assistance with medico-legal crises, and when we perceive a member is suffering other hardships, we often suggest that they seek additional help from the RMBF.

The RMBF is the UK's leading charity for doctors, medical students and their families. It provides financial support, money advice and information when it is most needed due to age, illness, disability and bereavement.

The RMBF is entirely dependent on donations from doctors and their families. In the last three years, MDU members have generously donated nearly £11,000 to help their fellow doctors who are in great need.

The service is entirely confidential and every applicant is assessed on their individual needs. In the last year alone, the RMBF has supported more than 200 beneficiaries, including helping 40 doctors remain in or get back to work, and a further 26 to retrain and get their career back on track. Without the RMBF, the loss to the NHS of able doctors would be considerable.

In the video, Dr Tomkins and Professor Kumar discuss the case of a young doctor who was assaulted while on duty. Unable to work and therefore earn a living, she contacted the MDU, who directed her to the RMBF. With financial assistance from the RMBF, the doctor was able to recover fully from her ordeal and return to work.

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