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Spring 2021

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Issue 20, Spring 2021

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Beneath the White Coat: in conversation with Dame Clare Gerada

Dame Clare Gerada speaks to Dr Catherine Wills about doctors' mental health and her work with the charity Doctors in Distress.

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Creating a caring culture

We expect them to be superhumans, but doctors can be deeply affected by adverse incidents - their wellbeing must not be forgotten.

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A trustworthy source: dealing with the media

How GPs can provide trustworthy advice to the media during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Performing under pressure

Dr Stephen Hearns explains how a career as a helicopter rescue doctor led him to study the effects of pressure and inspired his mission to help fellow doctors swim rather than sink.

"The key to maintaining the balance between pressure and performance is to identify the human factors and situations that can make doctors more vulnerable, and to develop strategies to manage these more effectively."