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Summer 2018

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Summer 2018

Issue 12, Summer 2018

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Empty chairs and tin can phone

Conflict resolution

Healthcare is by nature an emotive profession, and it's unsurprising that disputes can arise between doctors, patients and others involved in patients' care. Oscar Mathew explains the process of mediation and offers some insight into how to resolve conflicts for the benefit of everyone involved.

In focus


Standing up for doctors: MDU consultation work

The MDU provides doctors with medico-legal advice and representation in their time of need, and we also use our expertise to advocate legal and regulatory reforms in the interests of our members. Head of advisory services Dr Caroline Fryar describes how the MDU uses its influence on behalf of members.


Looking beyond indemnity

Dr Christine Tomkins explains how the benefits of MDU membership extend well beyond providing doctors with professional indemnity.

In focus

Cervical smears: an analysis of advisory complaints to the MDU

Dr Carol Chu looks over complaints received by MDU members around cervical smear tests to draw out some key risk management advice.