Mind the gap: MDU membership and state indemnity

We know how it feels when you get 'that call', and the MDU can offer support and guidance that state-backed indemnity is unlikely to provide.

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Mind the Gap

GPs should understand what state-backed indemnity will provide and what its limitations are. GPs face multiple jeopardy, for which they will continue to need MDU membership.

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Complications after shoulder surgery

A consultant orthopaedic surgeon faced a claim that lasted several years before reaching trial.

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Mountain medicine

Medicine poses plenty of challenges in traditional settings, but what about the extra trials of treating patients in extreme environments? MDU member Jeremy Windsor explains what it's like to be a mountain medic.

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Progress in medicine often raises new medico-legal challenges.

In focus

Developments in genomic medicine

Progress in medicine often raises new medico-legal challenges. Dr Kathryn Leask explains the potential medico-legal impact of genomic medicine.

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Plain English for patients

Dr Udvitha Nandasoma highlights the importance of communicating with patients using language they will understand.

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Fixated threat assessment centre

A GP member queried their duty of confidentiality after the FTAC contacted them about a patient who was exhibiting potentially threatening behaviour towards a public figure.

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Learn and develop with the MDU

Did you know we offer a wide range of learning resources to help you grow and improve throughout your career?

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